Bison Meat Health Benefits

What Are The Bison Meat Health Benefits?

Bison Meat Food Services

People like Bison meat for these reasons

Bison is always grass-fed, unlike pasture-raised cattle. Grass-fed bison meat health is a more sustainable choice in comparison with buffalo or cattle which are grain-fed and produced in factory farms. The animals are raised in naturally produced grass. No pesticides are used in nurturing grass. 

Only natural fertilizers are used to grow the grass along with the organic compost. The best practices of ranching are followed. The bison grows heavily built and strong and provides healthy lean meat! Before harvest for about 24 months, they are fed on only grass and before the harvest, some 4 months prior, they are fed on grain.

Calgary bison meat is very popular in Canada and the US. The Calgary meats company established itself 40 years ago. The products are competitively priced and offer the best of bison meat health benefits products

Calgary Bison meat quality

They have the “Cornerstone Aging” methodology which ensures superb quality in meat processing. This process sees to it that, the product is brought to the peak of tenderness and taste over 4 weeks! One should taste it to believe it! The customers need not pay extra for meat that they do not need. The wastage is not charged at all! The cost to the customer is only on precision cuts! Calgary Bison meat guarantees that they cut down on food waste and ensure very much sustainability and environment-friendly process.

The taste of Bison meat

The bison meat tastes a bit sweeter. It is lighter, coarser compared to Buffalo meat. There are many recipes worldwide cooked to perfection using bison meat. It is very lean, flavourful and tastes better than beef, and does not leave much of an aftertaste.

Health Benefits of Bison Meat

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Bison meat is high in Iron, Selenium, and Zinc. It has high vitamin B content.

Bison meat products are naturally leaner than beef. In fact bison, ounce per ounce has less total fat than most meat products including pork, chicken, and most fish. Bison also has fewer calories and higher amounts of iron than most meat products. Always look for bison that’s grass-fed for the healthiest cut of meats.

The reason is, it is having more than 28% fewer calories than beef. It is lower in total saturated fat. Due to its lower fat content, bison has finer fat marbling which gives softer and tender meat!

  • Calgary Bison meat is very tastier than beef and does not possess a foul smell.
  • Bison meat is naturally lean and lower in saturated fat than beef, chicken, pork, and salmon. It is richer and slightly sweet.
  • The nutritious red meat of bison helps one to manage fat and cholesterol as It is a low–carb and high-protein diet.
  • The bison meat is not as gamey as venison, wild boar, and antelope.
  • It can be cooked to perfection to create different steaks and other mouth-watering dishes.
  • The chefs and restaurateurs, retail customers cherish the flavor and tenderness of the Calgary Bison meat.
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