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As businesses are getting wider, new ways of documenting and communicating are introduced in which video and audio communication are taking over written communication. However, in the business, legal or educational field, written documentation is so important. 

For this, we have to go for reliable transcription services. If you’re not familiar with what transcription service is and why you need it for your business, this blog has got you covered with all that you need to know about transcription!

What is a transcription service?

The transcription service provides speech-to-text conversion. This is usually achieved with pre-recorded audio and video files and much more. However, video to text services is the most common. Transcriptions are either entered manually (handwritten) or executed using Automatic Speech recognition (ASR) software. 

If you are exploring transcription services for the first time, the number of options, prices, and transcription options may seem overwhelming. However, not everything is as complicated as it may seem.

In short, when you are using a video or audio file and you want to convert it to a text file, you will need to use transcription services. Transcription is the process of taking speech from a file and putting them on paper. 

Why businesses or organizations use transcription services?

Businesses and other sectors use transcription services for various reasons. For example, a business that needs translation will first transcribe the verbal parts of the file if you have not yet written a script that is ready for translation. Video transcriptions are often used only for legitimate purposes. 

Audio transcriptions are also often used for court cases to record this translation. It can help you with everything from language learning to education and training of event staff. 

How various sectors benefit from transcription services?

Many sectors benefit from transcription services as they can’t just rely on video or audio files.

transcription services
  • Business 

In the business services sector, getting written versions of speeches at major events, such as seminars and conferences, increase the range. If you are running a business, you can use it as a smart marketing tool. 

There are a lot of companies and groups that strive to create a paperless environment. However, this does not apply to all of our offices. Account entrepreneurs use file transcription services and save them for urgent calls, meetings, and interviews because it’s faster to search for a particular document from a data record.

  • Legal services

Some of the biggest users of transcription services are paralegal, courts, journalists, and law firms. These professionals should have transcripts of witness interviews, witness statements, trials, witness depositions, and recorded testimonies read this

They have to provide judges and lawyers with a transcript of audio and video files that can be read while playing the tape in court to prevent misreading.

  • Education

Those with Ph. D. degrees, teachers, and students may also require transcription services, such as most raw materials, to conduct interviews, research, training, and seminars now in audio and video. Many universities offer online course materials for students, like video content that needs to be transcripted for better understanding and note purpose.

  • Medical professionals and doctors

Mostly they ask for patient transcriptions, with recordings of patient speech, procedures, and other materials that should enter into patient records.

  • Marketing 

In this sector, they will also be able to use transcripts and create a file of all interviews, discussions, opinions, and other information. They should have a clean and accurate record of the participants ‘ exact responses.

Most people prefer to read information rather than see or hear it. If you create videos as well as audio podcasts, this is very important so as not to alienate people who want to read it. You can reach a large group of recipients using the text version of your podcasts.

In addition to the individuals and groups mentioned above, many other people and organizations can use the transcription, such as video houses, advertising agencies, trainers, freelance authors, compilers, marketing consultants, and content strategists. You must have the text version of audio and video to upload content to websites, distribute information, and correctly operate with thoughts and ideas in your list.

How to choose reliable transcription services?

If you are searching specifically for a transcription agency, keep in mind what additional services you might need before you start exploring the potential agencies to work with. Some individuals and agencies provide only transcription services; others provide it as part of a broader range of other services (such as translation). 

Look for reviews from other companies as a starting point, and go in search of the top-rated agencies on the internet. Just like in any other industry, quality and prices can be very different, so please decide on your budget and expectations from the very beginning. Download your recommendations and reviews to please the quality of the front and ask for a quote from different companies to compare prices. 

Don’t forget that you also have access to transcriptionists on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Likewise, you should pay attention to the reviews of others on the transcriptionists you want to hire for your transcriptional work. 


To conclude what has been discussed above, it is clear that there are several merits associated with having reliable transcription services like efficiency, the accuracy of documentation, clear written communication. In this age of video and audio recordings and communication in business and legal processes.

No matter what, there will come a time where you are going to need written evidence or documentation of the communication to be accurate and precise. And this you can get via reliable transcription services. Transcription needs to be error-free; it is a very tough job. That is why you can’t leave it in the hand of any unprofessional person, you just can’t risk it. 

Given that, it is recommended to always go for a translation or interpretation services agency that provides reliable transcription services. Because translation services agencies provide professional and knowledgeable transcriptionists that are highly experienced in this field, hence, there will be a very minimal risk of any error.

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