baby girl dress

What You Don’t Know About polka dot baby girl dress May Shock You


Dresses with polka dots have been popular with the female gender since time immemorial. They held a special appeal for teenagers in yester years and many Hollywood actresses appeared in polka dotted dresses in films as well as casually. With baby girl dress polka dots were also an attraction especially with the dots of different colors and sizes.

baby girl dress

The best part about polka dot baby girl dress is that they can be worn by all age groups from the baby girl to the grandma and therefore suits all age groups and tastes which is something that is not found in other contemporary dresses. The classic polka dot baby dress was rediscovered by the actress Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. It fired the imagination of women and even after several years the trend refuses to die down. Many celebrities even today sport

Such dresses and it is fun to have them back in the wardrobe.


The question is what it is about these polka dots baby girls dress which are desirable. The answer lies in their multifaceted personality. They are fun, whimsical and feminine all at the same time. It can be part of not only the dresses but also on head bands, shoes and several other dress accessories. It fits in easily everywhere. We find dresses in variety of forms, shades and colors with polka dots and it can go with any pattern of dresses, short or flowing. With the vintage look, there are cascading dresses with these dots on them or even blouses and plain skirts look pretty with such prints.

baby girl dress

Polka dot dresses for baby girls add style and vibrancy to the female persona, be it the child, teenager or woman and it gives an unmistakable feel of youth. It makes a simple yet stylish fashion statement and is here to stay. Its universal appeal makes it a must in the woman’s wardrobe and it is a fashion which resurfaces again and again but will never die.

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