What is a Childcare Centre Center?


At Morningside Childcare Centre we pride ourselves in providing a fun and friendly environment where children feel safe and secure, families feel valued for their uniqueness and the community is respected and involved.

Here at Morningside Childcare Centre we offer educational programmers based on play that are developed and supervised by qualified teaching specialists. Our family of careers are not only suitably qualified, they are also compassionate, friendly, supportive individuals.

Child Care Subsidy

At Morningside Childcare, we understand that it is important that “you have time to be you”, whatever that may be. High Quality Childcare will provide you with the time to focus on your work, your friends, your hobby, anything you need to do to be you. When you entrust the care of your child to Acacia Hill, we want you to do it with confidence.

Our Child Care Subsidy and childcare educators give your children experiences that last a life time, from filling a room with “snow” at Christmas time to covering tables in shaving foam for babies to experience some tactile fun. All of our activities are based on benefiting your child’s education and taking those little steps to prepare them for their school life.

Our Program

We have developed and based our programming on the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ which is the first official National Quality framework developed for the Early Years. It is a play based framework which recognizes the importance of children learning through their every day play and interactions. The framework relies heavily on the communications and relationships between families, the community and the centre.

The first 5 years of life have been researched over many years and researchers have found they set the scene of development and growth for a lifetime. We run an education program for children 0-5 years which incorporates all facets of development, growth and learning. The children are split into 3 age groups, so to effectively allow them to develop and grow around children their own age. Each age group has and individual program developed around the children’s needs and interests.

Throughout the day the program caters for unstructured play, planned learning activities, song, and dance and story time. All age groups have a literacy focus as this is such an integral part of early year’s development.

The Menu

The centre provides each child with a nutritional daily menu, including morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. This is served in accordance with the local government and WA Health Standards ensuring each child is provided with 50% of their daily nutritional needs. Drinking water is available to the children all day. Freshly pureed fruits and vegetables are cooked for babies still being weaned. These are made in conjunction with individual eating habits at home. Special dietary needs are always taken into consideration. Meals provided are varied and multicultural to expose children to the wonderful tastes and textures from around the world.

School Age

We also provide before and after school care and vacation care for children up to 8 years of age who attend the local primary School Readiness. Age appropriate programmers and excursions are always planned for these children.

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