Westlake Village Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool

Westlake Village Pool Cleaning Services will keep your swimming pool in pristine condition during the summer months. A pool should be cleaned once a week, and the water chemistry needs to be tested and balanced at least once a week. Remember to backwash and rinse the filter. Westlake Village pool cleaning services offer a weekly service at an affordable rate leaving you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool the way it was intended to be enjoyed. We take the weekly hassle out of swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool chemical balancing, swimming pool cleaning, and pool repairs. Our swimming pool services ensure your swimming pool has the perfect balance of chemicals to last until our next visit without making your swimming experience an intoxicating one! We will leave your swimming pool ready for a week of fun and relaxation from the moment we leave.


Westlake Village Pool Cleaning Maintenance

We offer our clients full pool cleaning services or chemical pool maintenance programs, for those people who like to vacuum and take care of their own swimming pool but would like someone else to worry about maintaining the proper chemistry. At the beginning of the summer, we can help get your pool summarized by checking that the physical components of your pool are up and running? Check the filter and pump operation. Clean the hair and lint trap on the inlet to the pump. Make sure everything is in working order. Is there good water flow in the skimmer? Check for leaves or other debris that might impede flow. Are the return jets cleaned and set at the proper angle? The recommended angle for jets is 45 degrees downward. If algae are present it is removed with appropriate materials and the pool is given an overall clean.

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