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Using TicketU Software for Event Tickets


If you are running a business that is selling event tickets then you will need to get the best ticketing software for the job. Ticketing should be an easy thing to handle, and TicketU software can help. TicketU software works to help with online ticket sales for with providing the right software needed for your event ticket selling business.

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TicketU software works to help customers buy tickets from you with ease. It is easy to navigate through the TicketU software. The customer will navigate through the events that you are offering tickets for and then state how many tickets that person wants. Also, the TicketU software allows for the customer to choose the person’s own seats in the area, which therefore helps to give a better level of control for the customer. That person can even choose which specific seats in a row are desired.

TicketU software is very useful in that it helps to improve the level of security for your ticket selling business. Visa has recognized TicketU software as software that complies with the security requirements that are needed for selling tickets. These standards are known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This means that the information that the person sends to TicketU software will be secure and therefore will not be stolen by any outside groups. This makes TicketU software more attractive among businesses today.

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For box offices TicketU software can be especially helpful. The box office employee will be able to easily navigate around the TicketU software program to find tickets that a person wants. The user can also hold tickets for a person so that they will not be sold to the public and will be reserved for a specific person or group.

Box office reports are a feature of TicketU software. This features reports the sales for each event from the TicketU software. A sales report feature helps to group the sale information too. This is especially useful for bookkeeping information for your box office and event ticket selling group.

The ticketing pages that your business will use with TicketU software will list only the events that you are selling tickets for. This makes it easier to get your tickets to be sold without all of the unnecessary clutter.

Also, the funds that you will receive from your TicketU software for your business will go straight to your business banking account. This simplifies the process of storing the money that is earned in your event ticket selling business.

If you are interested in using TicketU software to help with selling your event tickets you should start by visiting the TicketU website. If your business has a website and a merchant account like plugnpay.com and authorize.net, you can get TicketU software set up for your business quickly. Also, the TicketU servers will host your software needs. Also, a one-time fee for setup is needed along with a flat fee for each ticket sold, while can be as little as a dollar per ticket.

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