The Two Stages Of Marketing Your Fitness Business

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When it comes to generating more qualified leads for your fitness marketing business, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the many options you have.

Which of the 201 different strategies do you use?

When is the right time to use them?

How many should you do at one time?

These are all valid questions that I hear from trainers on a pretty regular basis and I sure they have been running through your head at some stage of your business journey. I have a theory. Well it’s not really a theory, more like a game-plan… a strategy.

If you have read any business books, surfed Facebook for long enough or been to a seminar – you will understand that it is important to run more than one marketing strategy at the one time. Obviously if you putting all of your energy into one thing and it is not super-successful then you are left standing at the alter without any new leads. So to avoid this it is good business practice to run multiple strategies at once – I think they call it your “marketing mix”?

Now while I agree with this in principle it still doesn’t shed any light on the finer details – what, when and how many? So I want to shed some light on what I have found to be the most effective way to develop an ongoing marketing campaign.

When it comes to marketing strategies and like to be reasonably black and white so I see there is two different types (or stages). The first is what I eloquently call drip-fed strategies and these are basic campaigns that trickle in leads on a regular basis but are never going to overwhelm you with demand.

Essentially, these types of lead generators only expose you and your business to one or two clients at a time.

The second type of marketing is what I call mass exposure strategies and (as the name suggests) these get you in front of loads of people at one time. Now preferably, these you will exposing yourself (in a legal way) to a well chosen group of your target market.

Stage 1: Drip-fed marketing

In this stage of your marketing development, I think it is very important to develop a range of at least 3-4 different strategies that are collectively providing you with a regular source of drip-fed leads.

An example of this would be to implement a few of the following strategies in your business:

    • referral system
    • business alliances
    • on-going social media strategy
    • website
    • human billboards
    • value add to database (email marketing)

As you can see, all of these strategies all have the same common characteristic in so far as they will provide you with exposure to a few potential clients at a time but can also be very targeted.

Now if you have been a reading this blog for a while, this stuff will not be new to you. But if I asked you is you had 3 or 4 of these strategies currently providing your business with regular leads, what would be your answer?

I thought so…

So the biggest challenge you initially face when marketing for fitness business is getting a few of these strategies up and running and actually having them give you a solid return on investment (including your time).

It is fair to say that these strategies are not ground breaking but the real reward comes when you try something, it doesn’t work and then you refine it. A lot of the time, just one small change to a campaign or strategy will make all the difference so it is vitally important to continue to test, measure and refine.

Don’t just write it off.

Stage 2: Mass exposure marketing

Once you have got your drip-fed marketing in place, you will have a healthy foundation of leads consistently coming into your business. This makes me happy and hopefully it makes you money.

Then it is time to expose yourself to the masses (get your mind out of the gutter).

Mass exposure marketing simply means getting one message out to many people at once (who would have guessed?). Some examples would be:

    • workshops
    • webinars
    • open days
    • expos
    • charity days
    • media exposure
    • jv database blasts
    • viral social media
    • business launch (or re-launch)

As you can see, these campaigns or events are of a much bigger scale then the drip fed strategies but with extra effort comes greater reward.

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