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Latest Developments In Patient Data Breach


Patient Data Breach is a great way for us to consolidate data breach events and information as they happen and organize that information in ways that are useful for subscribers, said Rick Kam, president of ID Experts. As an expert in data breach protection, we can also showcase our own expertise through best practices in managing breach notification, response and more.

The sponsor of the Patient Data Breach ID Experts, has established data breach services, ID Experts Breach Respond and ID Experts Breach Assess, to address the growing consumer dissatisfaction with current breach and response methods. These services include breach assessment, notification and communications, monitoring and identity theft recovery components.

Tailored to meet the individual needs of the private sector and government agencies, ID Experts is delivering a comprehensive approach to responding to data breach events that alleviates legal liability, manages public perception, and protects and restores individuals’ identities from identity theft.

Sponsored by ID Experts is a dedicated information site for data breach alerts, breach news and resources for privacy and security professionals. The information contained on the site will better help establish information to develop best practices around data breach events, notification, response and recovery across all industry segments.

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“We decided to conduct this study to find out if consumers who received notification about a data breach involving their personal information were satisfied with the organizations’ response and transparency.

The results of this study are quite informative. They can provide guidance to an organization in preparing for a data breach or in creating their data breach response plan. Some of the notable Ponemon Cost Of Data Breach conclusions that reinforce the importance of the content of the notification letter and the offer that is provided to protect the breach victims:

The delay in notifying individuals that their personal information has been exposed in a data breach Privacy Breach Detection can be very damaging to the reputation of an organization. A recently published study the Ponemon Institute titled Consumers Report Card on Data Breach Notification notes the implications on such individuals that have been involved in a data breach.

Based on these types of inadequate notification practices, organizations tend on average to have around a third of their customers terminate their business relationship as noted in the conclusions of this Ponemon report.

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