Hens Night Ideas on a Budget


Organizing a fabulous hens night party does not need to cost the earth! The key element to having loads of fun and laughter really is just getting all the girls together. And why not make it cost effective so all of your friends can attend and no-one will have the excuse “I can’t afford it”?. Let’s face it.. whenever there is a group of girlfriends and a few champagnes partnered with some sexy hens night accessories, your hens night will be a blast!

Planning a hens night on a budget is easy, you just need to use your imagination.. here are some hens night ideas (with a budget in mind) to help get you started.

A Dinner Party At Home

Hens Night Ideas – Dinner PartyYou and your girlfriends could write a menu of easily prepared dishes, you could either delegate who is bringing which dish or you could go shopping together for the ingredients and spend an afternoon preparing the dishes all together over a few cold bevies.

To create the hens night element, decorate the table with hens night accessories, naughty or nice, depending on the bride-to-be. Hens night ideas for a naughty hen would be the likes of.. willy lollipops, willy sipping straws, lacy drink holders shot glasses and balloons of all shapes and sizes (you know what I mean!).

A Pole Dancing Lesson

Ever so popular these days for fun and fitness is pole dancing. This hens night idea is a bit cheeky but will indeed bring out the inner sex kitten, and even show a side of your besties that you have never seen before!

Drinking Games

Budget hens night ideas you’ll find plenty of recipes for alcoholic mixers over the internet. If slushies are your thing, maybe champagne cocktails would be a winner at your Hens party Melbourne. Shots are another way to get the party started and there are many many combinations that can be made with just a few different types of liquor. If you really want to up the anti, a great hens night drinking game is ‘truth or dare’ where you ask one of the girls a question and they have to answer truthfully or take on a dare!

My personal favorite hens night drinking game doesn’t have a name but it goes like this.. each party member wears a name tag with a random name on it eg. sex kitten, wild one, nice ass, I’m easy.. etc and all night you must call each other by the name on your tag if you slip up and use their real name.. take a shot!

Dress Up The Bride To Be

An awesome way to get the bride to be the attention she deserves on her last night out is to dress her up in funny and embarrassing hens night accessories. We offer a range of hens night party packs loaded with accessories to dress up the hen.

If your bride to be is classy, then the way to go would be a pretty veil for her hair, a glowing badge for her chest and a martini shot glass. If your bride to be is sexy then our hens night ideas would be to dress her up also with a pretty veil for her hair, a lacy leg garter to accompany any ensemble, a willy tattoo for her arm, glowing willy earrings, a shot glass that hangs from her neck so she will never lose her drink! All these cool accessories plus many more can be found within our hens night packs.

So if you find yourself planning a hens night party and have limited funding, the above hens night ideas on a budget should help you out a bit! Remember all you really need is a bunch of friends, good hens night accessories and a bride to be!

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