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Commercial Concrete Services

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Whatever your commercial concrete contractors Calgary needs Patriarch Construction has a wealth of experience supplying concrete for many different commercial projects.  Whether your project is large or small we can mix concrete on site using our state of the art volumetric mixing plant vehicles.

These vehicles eliminate wastage giving you the exact amount of concrete you require so that costs are kept to a minimum. They are also much faster than traditional rotary drum concrete mixers meaning the job will be completed efficiently and expediently.

Large Projects

concrete contractors Calgary

We supply our concrete to the trade and have much experience dealing with commercial projects both large and small. We have worked with builders, developers and utility companies offering a first class service and product.

As we mix our concrete on site there is zero wastage, but this is not the only benefit. It provides you with more time to work with the concrete avoiding partial setting during transit. This means you will not have to rush when laying the concrete helping you achieve a perfect finish.

There is also the capability to alter the mix, so that you can achieve exactly the type and consistency of concrete you want to work with. Our volumetric concrete mixers measure the mix using computer technology ensuring the ratios you require are exactly adhered to and you get the ideal concrete for your project.

Motorway Services & Highway Maintenance

Patriarch Construction are more than happy to supply concrete for motorway purposes. We understand the importance of having high quality concrete used in motorway applications and permanently adhere to all health and safety standards.

As always, concrete contractors Calgary provide an efficient, high quality service as we know that our motorways are an important part of everyday travel in Canada. High workability concrete is vital in situations of high density of reinforcing steel to enable the concrete to flow. As the concrete passes through the reinforcements there are no voids left and therefore the structure remains strong.

Why Choose Our Commercial Volumetric Concrete

We can cater for a wide variety of commercial concrete contractors Calgary purposes such as new build houses, farm buildings, offices and stair treads. Our highly skilled team are fully qualified and pride themselves on their outstanding levels of workmanship and customer service.

We know that with commercial projects, time scales and dependability are of the utmost importance. That’s why we work around your requirements and makes your needs our top priority, meaning you can rely on your concrete being at your disposal as and when you need it.

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