For the fourth year in a row, Coffex Coffee Roaster Machine are proud to continue their association with the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix as one of the key sponsors and official Coffee Supplier of this world-class event.

2014 marks a new beginning for Australia as a new Aussie motorcycling star, Jack Miller, is promoted to the MotoGP. Australians will have the opportunity to see this young gun rider race in the Moto3 class on Phillip Island before he gets his big start next year in the MotoGP class.

The roar of the crowd is unmistakable as the elite motorcycle rider’s speed around the track at over 300 kilometres per hour. The fresh breeze and the crashing waves nearby add a serene element to the frenetic pace as Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix gears back up on Phillip Island.

Every year, this beautiful Victorian island receives the holy pageantry of hosting this prestigious event. It is defined by the migrating flocks of devotees that eat, breathe and sweat Motor Racing in their veins. The scene of tens of thousands of fans gathering around the racing track has to be experienced firsthand if you are a true racing fan.
Set in at one of the world’s most famous racetracks, coupled with the one of the world’s most scenic island settings, all who attend are bound for a treat.

All stores offering coffee will be stocked up with the freshest beans from Coffex Coffee and our flagship Superbar blend will be the blend of choice.

So come on down to the Island and enjoy watching some of the most amazing motorcycle riders out there carve the corners of Phillip Island Race Course all while sipping on a delicious cup of Coffex Coffee.

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