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Personal Trainers / Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Pulse Fitness provides a personal training studio near Scottsdale that offer an instructive, effective and friendly service to our members. Each trainer has been carefully selected for a high standard of sports-related education and practical experience and is, therefore, well equipped to assist you to achieve your fitness-related goals.

A trainer will typically begin with a fitness assessment. This enables the trainer to design an exercise program and eating plan, which is both tailored to your goals and sensitive to your lifestyle, health and fitness. The trainer will also help you to establish a balanced weekly training routine. Clients usually commit to regular appointments so as to encourage consistent training and maximise progress. A trainer will assist you at every stage of your training, providing you with instruction and motivation when it is needed most – especially on those days when staying in bed an extra hour or going straight home from work is a very appealing option!

Would I benefit from personal training?

personal training studio near me

Whether it is your first time in a gym or you have many years of training experience, working with a personal trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals. Trainers are accustomed to assisting clients with a wide variety of aims, from performance specific objectives to weight loss, toning, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and general fitness. A trainer will examine your current exercise, work, sleep and eating patterns in order to devise an efficient and effective training routine that will not unduly alter your lifestyle.

Beginners:- The most important aspect of training is safety. Performing exercises with the correct technique will not only reduce the potential risk of injury, but also ensure that the fitness benefits of the exercise performed are maximised.

Intermediate:- Have you hit a plateau? A new approach to your current training routine may take you to new levels of fitness. Altering your cardio regime to a more sports-specific style of interval training, and/or altering your weights program to include more advanced sets & reps structures, may be the small, yet effective, changes required.

Advanced/Elite:- Fine-tune your program to reach your personal best. Through constant monitoring of your progress, your personal trainer will adjust your training schedule to ensure you reach your peak and continue to see improvements.

Rehabilitative:- An injury should not end your pursuit of fitness. However, specialised adjustments to your training will likely be required to keep you on track. A supervised routine will help you to recover to healthy training levels.

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