An All-Natural Holistic Adrenal Fatigue Treatment


Have you found yourself exhausted, unable to wake up in the morning, and needing to sleep midday? Combined with memory loss, unexplained hair loss, or the inability to lose weight no matter what diet you try? You may want to sit down and go through a checklist of symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, or AFS. This stress-induced ailment is affecting many people, and sadly going undiagnosed by conventional medicine. It can slide through test results, MRI’s and the best traditional doctors. Why? Because an injury to the body’s stress response system can be hard to catch. If left untreated, AFS can be debilitating. It can leave you bedridden, and over time, adrenal fatigue will take away your quality of life. However, with proper adrenal fatigue treatment, AFS is reversible.

Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

  •      Do you have unwanted weight around your waist that you are unable to lose no matter what diet you try, or how much exercise you do?
  •      Does your unwanted weight tend to settle around your waist area?
  •      Do you find yourself getting sick more often than usual and for longer periods of time? Especially with illnesses that are respiratory related?
  •      Does stress cause you to tremble?
  •      Do you often feel nervous and anxious? Suffer from heart palpitations?
  •      Do you have an inability to handle stress in general?
  •      Do you have a low libido?
  •      Do you get lightheaded when rising from a horizontal position?
  •      Do you have an inability to remember even the simplest or mundane things?
  •      Do you have difficulty rising in the morning, and insufficient energy in the afternoon?
  •      Do you need caffeine or other stimulants to get you going, and keep you going throughout the day?
  •      Do you have cravings for salty, fatty and high protein foods?
  •      If you are female, have you noticed an increase in symptoms in PMS? Or a change in your menstrual cycle?
  •      Do you have unexplained upper back or neck pain?
  •      Do you suffer from mild depression? Do you feel sad often?
  •      Have you noticed an intolerance to food or inhalants?
  •      Have you found your skin to be dry or thin?
  •      Are you hypoglycemic?
  •      Do you have a low body temperature, and feel cold often?
  •      Are you losing your hair for no reason?
  •      Are you alternating between diarrhea and constipation?
  •      Do you have indigestion? Pain or discomfort in the abdomen, bloating or feelings of fullness with very little intake of food, nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn, and belching?

None of these signs or symptoms of by themselves are enough to diagnose AFS, but collectively, they draw the ultimate picture of a person undergoing more stress than their body can handle.  If you have answered yes to most of these questions, it may be time to consider adrenal fatigue treatment.


Why Medical Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue Often Goes Misdiagnosed

Why does conventional medicine so often miss the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue? Upon presenting your case to your doctor with all the above signs and symptoms, you would most likely be sent to the lab for blood work. Although your adrenal hormone levels would come back low, they might still be in what is considered the “normal range”. Patients are dismissed with the verdict to watch their stress levels, or possibly prescribed medications for stress that are toxic to their sensitive bodies. In fact, the adrenals are not performing optimally, and the body is crying for help. Trust your intuition. If something feels wrong it probably is. It’s time to seek proper treatment for your adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

As severe as this ailment is, conventional medical treatment for adrenal fatigue is not usually required. The most effective adrenal fatigue treatment includes a whole body holistic approach beginning with a clear look at stressors and making conscious changes in any unhealthy lifestyle habits that have developed. The following adrenal fatigue treatment plan is a natural approach to healing that offers the adrenal glands and the body’s neuroendometabolic stress response system a chance to recover.  Reversal of the ailment is possible over a period of 6 months to 2 years if lifestyle changes are properly implemented.

  •     Stress. It’s impossible to avoid all stressors, but when suffering from AFS it is important to address them and eliminate as many as possible. All relationship and financial stressors need to be properly situated to the best of your ability. Stress is a silent killer and is the primary cause of the need for adrenal fatigue treatment.
  •     Sleep. This is when the body does the majority of its recovering. Proper adrenal fatigue treatment must include 10-11 hours of sleep. It is suggested retiring for the night by 10 pm and rising between 8 and 9 am.
  •     Exercise.  Adjusting exercise to your body’s ability is a key component in adrenal fatigue treatment. Exercise will assist in decreasing depression, increasing blood flow, normalizing cortisol, insulin, blood glucose, growth hormones, and the thyroid. Over-exercise can cause an adrenal crash.  Under professional supervision, exercises specially designed as part of treatment for adrenal fatigue will take your exercise capacity, adrenal function, and autonomic nervous system into consideration to create an exercise regime that meets and does not exceed your body’s needs.
  •      Diet. Another key element in the treatment of adrenal fatigue is balancing nutrition. Compared to the average person, AFS people have an immediate need for sugar when they feel hungry. In addition, they need a good source of protein and fat to sustain as much energy as possible. An organic, whole food, raw, low glycemic diet is crucial. Ideally, sufferers obtain the assistance of nutritionists or those who can help create meal plans that are composed of foods to help the body heal and detoxify. The adrenal fatigue diet should consist of: 20% whole grains, 30% vegetables, 15%  nuts and beans, 15% healthy fats, 10% animal proteins, and 10% whole fruits.
  •     Supplements. In addition to a superfood diet, a person undergoing treatment for adrenal fatigue will want to add additional nutrients to their day through supplementation. Some of the most favored are vitamin C, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and vitamin E.

It is always recommended to follow the above adrenal fatigue treatment under the supervision of a certified health practitioner who is knowledgeable with the condition and can help guide you through all the steps of the adrenal fatigue treatment, especially when the body might be deflecting or acting paradoxically. All diets, supplements, and hormones are best regulated by someone who understands the body’s sensitivities and can offer suggestions and ideas keeping intact with the adrenal fatigue treatment.

Dr. Lam is a pioneer in the healing of several conditions including Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. With his innovative approach to utilizing optimal blends of nutritional supplementation including vitamins, minerals, natural hormones, herbs, enzymes and food, he has discovered a beneficial way to rejuvenate cellular function. He has created the largest informational website worldwide on AFS dedicated to educating clients, doctors and the general public on his approach, methods and extensive knowledge of the stress-induced illness.

The best treatment for Adrenal Fatigue is a series of natural healing procedures that provide the body with everything it needs to regenerate a healthy stress-response system. It is important to know that conventional medicine is not needed for this ailment, and can often lead to more unnecessary toxins in an already toxic body. Learning to rejuvenate cellular functions naturally is the key to success when dealing with AFS

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