The Gastric Sleeve Diet

Nutrition / Monday, November 12th, 2018

The gastric sleeve diet is less restrictive than the diets of other weight loss surgeries. On this diet you can pretty much eat whatever you choose however, for the diet to be successful you will want to watch the amount of fat, carbohydrates and sweets that you eat. Certain spices might also need to be avoided. The typical post operative diet for this type of weight loss surgery is divided into four phases.

The first phase of gastric sleeve diet is two days long and begins immediately after surgery. This phase is called the liquid diet. While on this diet you will consume clear liquids such as broth, sugar free jello, unsweetened tea and juice as well as water.

The second phase begins immediately after the liquid phase. This phase is the pureed food diet. Your foods will need to be pureed in little bit of water, milk or fat free gravy. This diet will last for about two to three weeks. The soft food diet is the third phase and will last three to four weeks. Your food will need to be mashed well. On this diet you can eat fruits, vegetables and meats so long as they are soft and smashed with a fork really well.

gastric sleeve diet
gastric sleeve diet

The final phase of this diet is regular food. In this phase you can eat just about anything. However, foods that were not good for you before the surgery such as fried foods, rich fattening gravies and sauces, high fat and high carbohydrates, chips and sweets should be strictly avoided or eaten in very small amounts. Continuing to eat the foods you ate prior to surgery will only slow down or even stop your weight loss. Further, eating these foods may also make you gain any lost weight back.

This weight loss surgery is different from other weight loss surgeries in that it does not alter your digestive system like the RNY surgery does. Therefore recovery time is diminished and your body does not experience deprivation of nutrients and vitamins.

Of all the weight loss surgeries, this surgery is the safest. This is because the stomach is not surgically resized with staples and is not rerouted as in the case of RNY surgery. Although the safest of all weight loss surgeries it is still considered a major surgery and as such is not risk free.

In this surgery the surgeon will implant a band that will go around your existing stomach. This band or sleeve will reshape the stomach into the size of a very small banana. Because the stomach is now much smaller you will not be able to eat much. This causes significant weight loss but does not interfere with the body’s absorption of vital nutrients and vitamins.

There are many recipes for the gastric sleeve liquid diet available for all phases of the diet. Many people however choose to eat pureed baby foods and then soft baby foods. Baby food is very nutritious and with exception of a multivitamin daily you are getting all the nutrients you need each day. Further, many of the baby foods on the market today are quite delicious too.


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